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Prodir DS1 TTC käännettävä kuulakärkikynä

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Prodir DS1 TTC käännettävä kuulakärkikynä


Prodir DS1

Englanninkielinen tuoteseloste:

“With its slender body and beautifully designed cap that dynamically forms into the elegant clip, it is a design classic amongst kuulakärkikynäs. 23 standard colours on frosted, transparent, matt and polished surfaces. Plastic or chrome or satin finish metal nose cone.Thanks to the dot option, the DS1 offers unusually generous customisation opportunities with no less than 6 print areas: cap side, cap back, body, clip and both sides of the dot. There are three excellent writing systems to choose from: Floating Ball®, Premium Low-Viscosity TechGlide® or SuperDry® Gel. And the refill is exchangeable, of course.”

Kynän mitat: 14,0 x 1,5

Painatusalueet: 3,5 x 0,7 or 4×0,5 (clip) 5,0 x 2,5 (body) 1,8 x 0,4 (side cap) 2,3 × 0,4 (back cap) 0,8 x 0,8 (dot)

Minimitilausmäärä: 500

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classic blue, clear, Orange, Red, Sky

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