Studies show that slightly over half of consumers took on a more favorable view of companies after receiving promotional products from them in the form of baseball caps, pens and similar products. With that said, let’s take a look at different products typically used in this type of marketing and how each differs from one another, along with the pros and cons of any given product.

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Printed Pens

This is something I’m sure we have all seen at some point or another. Many times, upon visiting a business establishment that requires the use of pens, visitors may be offered a pen to use and then are allowed to keep the pen when they leave. Typically, these pens come with the business’ name, address and phone number. The obvious advantage to this is that, upon needing to get in contact with a business of your type, customers will often remember that they have a pen sitting in the drawer with your name and number on it, making it more convenient to use your service than anybody else’s.

Printed Clothing

Because a shirt or a sweater often costs a great deal more to make than a typical pen, business-related clothing is often sold, as opposed to given away. Typically, these are merely sold at cost or slightly under, as the general idea is that, even after the initial cost, one can expect them to pay for themselves through an increase in widespread brand recognition.

Printed Bags

The type of bags which are used to promote a business will vary from business to business. A gym chain will generally produce gym bags, for example, while a grocery chain might prefer to use eco-friendly, reusable grocery bags. No matter what it is a business might specialize in, there’s almost always a type of bag which should be able to clearly reflect just what it is that business does. Bags are useful and will be used by a large portion of people who receive them. These custom bags act as a free advertisement directed toward those who use them and those who see them being used by others.

Miscellaneous Accessories

There’s no question that most of the above can be expensive to create and, unless your giving them away for absolutely zero cost to the consumer (having you pay out of pocket), not everybody is going to want to acquire these items. Luckily, there is a large variety of small, miscellaneous items which can be produced in mass quantities for a very small price. Small items such as key chains, bumper stickers, mouse pads and custom mugs/glasses are generally useful items and something a potential customer may find themselves using on a daily basis for years on end, assuming they need said item in the first place. Depending on the accessory you decide to go with, the cost-to-reward ratio can be quite large.

Use Whatever Works

It should be noted that, perhaps with the exception of custom bags, any piece of promotional merchandise will work. For example, key chains needn’t be limit to car dealerships and baseball caps needn’t be limited to baseball teams. The idea behind a promotional product is that, unlike business cards, potential customers will see your brand every day through using an item they would otherwise use in absence of a company’s presence. As long as the item in question has a brand printed on it, there’s no question as to whether or not it will work to at least some degree.